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HELP!!! greška passta 1996 1.9 TDI afn 0052

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greška passta 1996 1.9 TDI afn 00542


na dijagnostici braibee kaže nam


geška = 00542


senzor pomicanja igle


(šta je to)




pa molim pomoć, jer auto jednostvno izgubi snagu, turbo je ko nov, pumpa i dize rade savršeno......

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Vidi ovo - s vagcom foruma



> 00542 - Needle lift Sensor (G80)

> 30-10 - Open or Short to B+ - Intermittent

> The car is not starting.Can anyone to tell me what is that sensor and

> where it is situated?

Cyl#3 injector. It's bigger, guess why, because it includes the NLS

sensor. Make sure the wiring coming from it is not damaged. Then check

the resistance of the guy: spec is 90 to 120 ohms. Not in spec? you need

the change the whole injector. Wiring resistance from the injector to

the ECU should not be more than 1.5 ohm.

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