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KOE Kragujevac


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Dear King of Europe fans,


Now it is time to open our new 2009 series next week-end on 9th and 10th May.





First of All, the Dragster, with our King of Europe Dragster West Event in Santa Pod raceway as part of The PTM Show.


This event will see the quickest and fastest runs with many personal bests in the King of Europes history. With 700bhp average power per car, you can expect a very good show.


It will be a great event in Great Britain and the winner will go in September for the superfinal "King of West vs King of East".


Registration by internet will close by monday 4th May evening but you will still be able to register on friday 8th and saturday 9th directly at the Santa Pod raceway.


Additional infos can be found here : http://www.kingofeurope.net/






On the other side, same week-end, but drifting on the east side of Europe : the KW King of Europe Drift Series will start in Kragujevac, situated in the central part of the Republic of Serbia.


What a week-end to remember last year in Kragujevac! Incredible people, incredible atmosphere. Drivers, spectators, kingofeurope team, everybody enjoyed so much 2008 event and this year, with the strong help of Kragujevac city council, you can expect a better, faster and louder event!


Kragujevac is one of four biggest cities of the Serbia. It is positioned in the center of Sumadija and Serbia, 140 km south from the capital Belgrade by the Corridor 10 motorway.


Here is a list of international drifters who will attend the event in Kragujevac :


Mladen Falamic - Nissan 200sx rs13 - Croatia

Mario Falamic - Toyota Corolla AE86 - Croatia

Dario Skoko - Bmw E30 - Croatia

Marino Piric - Bmw E30 - Croatia

Todor Dunev - Nissan S13 - Bulgaria

Dejan Susic - Nissan S13 - Bosnia

Jasper Spaan - Toyota AE - Holland

Nicolas Heyer - Ford Cosworth - France

Youri Das - Nissan S13 - Belgium

Nikolett Szanto - BMW E30 - Hungary

Zoltan Lakatos - BMW M3 Pickup - Hungary

Lovano - BMW E30 - Hungary

Adam Kurucs - S14 - Hungary

Adam Kerenyi - BMW E36 - Hungary

Norbert Kovacic - BMW E46 - Slovakia

Roman Javorcik - BMW E36 - Slovakia

Florin Costumas - Romania - S14

Carola Mecan - Nissan 200SX - Germany

David Janosevic - BMW M3 3.2 - France


You can expect also a lot of local Serbian drifters to play home and try to take the win!!!


Additional infos about KW King of Europe Drift Series can be found here : http://www.kingofeurope.net/2009/drift/ or http://www.drift.rs


You can find additional informations about Kragujevac in the attached document.


Contact us at mike@kingofeurope.net for any information request.



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