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Modificiranje injektora

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Naletio na temu pa reko da vidim jel itko zna nešto o ovome. Možda se pokrene kakva korisna rasprava.


" Make some cash and mod your stock injectors. There are a few ways to accomplish the mod but what needs to happen is the end cap of the injector needs to be removed. You can grind it off or cut it off. Does not matter really. You can use a band saw or a dremel tool and a vice. Take your time and cut the silver end cap off where the nozzles (holes) are.

Since you are removing the end cap you dont need to send these off to have them matched. There will be no adjustment a injector shop can do anyways since they are sealed units. What you are doing is removing the flow restrictor (end cap). The biggest advantage is that the stock ECU is calibrated for the correct opening time compensation for these injectors (dead time). PE's are twice as slow and need more dead time. All of the issues that the PE's bring to the table are absent with these injectors.


Venom will even do the mod for you and test each one but the cost is nearly $300.




evo rasprave sa Scoobie foruma USA




Ovdje ekipa otkupljuje injektore pa od njih prave veće...


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