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17x9 et30 na golf4

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naručio bi ASA AR1 u 17x9 ET30 za svojeg mk4 ali nisam siguran oče mi to gdje strugati...zna neko možda jel ide to na auto bez brige da se ne zajebem



ps.spušten je oprugama 35



ovo mi baci na nekom tire calculatoru

usporedim 195 65 15 i 215 40 17


Package is 12 mm (0.5'') closer to suspension/brakes components. Acceptable for most cars.

Fenders Package will stick out 28 mm (1.1'') farther. Make sure that you have enough room under the fender. If not, consider narrower tires or higher offset.

Wheelwells 100% clear (leaves even more room than OEM)

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