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Rastavljanje središnjeg grebena - Laguna II

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Ima neko nekakav tutorijal il mi napisat kako se najlakse rastavlja sredisnji greben pošto nemrem nikak skontat, da dodem do prekidaca za sva 4 žmigavca?



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Google + 20 sekundi pretraživanja (tags: hazards, removal, removing, laguna 2, switch):




Remove the top of the centre console. I've given instructions a number of times, but it's easier to repeat than go looking.


1) Pull the gear lever gaiter away at the base

2) Pull the handbrake gaiter away at the base, or unclip the press-stud that fastens the gaiter to the handle.

3) Open the lid of the arm rest storage compartment.

4) Grab the edge of the centre console top, and pull upwards.


It requires reasonable force, but don't be too gung-ho about it because there are wires connecting to the switches. All have a good few inches of play, but don't go ripping the centre console away with force.


Once you have the panel off, disconnect the plugs from all switches, push the gaiters through their respective holes and lift the centre console away so that you can examine it properly (take care not to scratch the soft plastics on the dash with it.) It should be pretty obvious how the hazard switch comes out.


Refitting is pretty much the reverse of removal.

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