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Animation - New rules for F1 2009


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However, one part of the 2009 regulations that was not simulated at Barcelona was the planned KERS (kinetic energy recovery system) devices that will be fitted to the cars next year but which are not yet ready.


These recover and store energy from braking which can then be released to give a power boost.


They will store up to 400 kilojoules of energy, which will allow a boost of an extra 80 horsepower for 6s per lap.


As well as making more efficient use of energy, the idea is that this technology will also aid overtaking by giving the driver a ‘push to pass’ button.


With the input/output limits of the devices set by the governing body, the KERS would add the equivalent of an extra 23bhp to the wheels without the energy store of the devices being depleted – there would be as much energy going in as coming out.


Only when the driver presses the boost button will there be the 80bhp boost, but this will use up more energy than has gone in from the braking and so the energy store will be depleted. It will then take around one lap to boost itself back to equilibrium.

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