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AF na radiu u Laguni

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Expert Mode


In order to invoke Expert Mode, press and hold the SRC button until it goes beep. You now have a series of options you can change in a similar way to the tone controls (above).


* AF (ON/OFF) controls the alternative frequency system which searches for a better frequency for the same station if reception becomes poor. Often good for national stations but not so good if reception is generally poor or for local ones.

* SPEED (0-5) controls the increase in volume as you increase speed to compensate for road noise. The higher the number, the more pronounced it becomes.

* LOUD (ON/OFF) a strange American invention which boosts the bass and treble at low volumes.

* TUNER (AUT/MAN) setting Manual switches OFF the station seek function in Tuner Manual mode which keeps scanning until a strong enough signal is found. Instead it moves 100KHz for each click.

* REAR (ON/OFF) controls the back speakers.

* LIST (MAN/DYN) I’m not sure what this does.


Press SRC again to leave this mode.

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